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South GA Solar Power Completed Projects
May 12, 2017
Roof Mounted Solar PV Array - Valdosta GA
10 kW Solar PV Array using SolarEdge Inverter / SolarEdge Optimizers / Canadian Solar Panels / TED Monitoring System
Valdosta, GA 


December 30, 2016
Replace, Repair and Reprogram Solar Thermal Evacuate Tubes Array  - Jessup, GA
4 Rack - 120 Solar Thermal Evacuate Tubes and Storage Tanks
Replace and Repair broken evacuate tubes and seals, Reprogram Caleffi Solar Thermal Pumping system, Reprogram HTP Storage Tank, Pressurize and re-balance flow, Repair and reattach electrical piping onto metal roof, Clean up all debris and broken glass from server storm damage.

March 17, 2015
1st Rewiring of a faulty 16kWh Solar Array - Savannah, GA
16 kW Solar Power PV Array
Rewired a faulty Array and installed a New SMA Sunnyboy 7000 Inverter. Consulant, Design and Installation by Ron and Isaac Jackson.
Existing Electric bill $380   /   New Electric Bill $0 to -$30.00 credit


December 12, 2014
1st Commercial Installed Solar Array - Lenox, GA
1.3 MW Solar Power Array
Installation perform by our 6 man DC & 6 man AC Crews
Lenox, GA

November 28, 2014
1st Commercial Installed Solar Array - Sasser, GA
1 MW Solar Power Array
Installation perform by our 6 man DC Crew
Sasser, GA

April. 25, 2014
1st Residential Installed Solar Array - Ocilla GA
9 kW Solar Power Array w/ Emergency Battery Backup
Management Consultant / Development Planning / Installation
Existing Electric Bill $368   /   New Electric Bill $28.00

9kw rj

Sept. 13, 2013
Mudd Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant
1.25 Megawatt Solar Power Array Facility
Management Consultant / Development Planning
Valdosta, GA 31601

May 20, 2012
Valdosta Shared Office Space
SGASP Energy Reduction Service
100 N. Patterson Street Historic Building
Downtown Valdosta, GA 31601
Existing Annual Electric Bill $11,500    /   New Annual Electric Bill $4,500
Valdosta Shared Office Space, which is ideal for companies moving from home to a more professional setting or a satellite company, has taken that idea of efficiency one step further by creating an environment that is not only conducive to small business but to the reality of being green.

Making a 127-year-old building green was by no means an easy task, but made possible by Ron Jackson of South GA Solar Power who served as the project manager and Andy Dukes of Dukes HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) Systems who custom-engineered the system according to specifications provided by South GA Solar Power.
June 2010
1st Residential Installed Solar Array - Hahira GA
10 kW Solar PV Pole Mounted Array 
Old Highway 41 N
Hahira, Georgia 31636
Existing Electric Bill $480   /   New Electric Bill $12 to $85 peak summer
South GA Solar Power has installed a custom 10 kW Solar Power PV Pole Mounted Array System. A total of 44 - 230W Panels, mounted on eleven sch 40 steel poles and stainless steel bracket system.  Since it's start-up this system has saved 205,489 lbs of CO2 emission, and produces an average 60 kWh a day!   
Click on picture below to see our slide show.  Also for a limited time only, we are offering a weekly site tour to see the performance of this system. 
Must call to register for a tour. 
IMG 0462
South GA Solar Power VAn

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April 2010
Radiology Associates of Valdosta
2704 Oak Street
Valdosta, Georgia 31602
South GA Solar Power was awarded an emergency response contract for HVAC services for one of their medical facilities.  They were very impressed with our cost, product and service.

229-300-8920 to place your order.

Sept 2009

DeKalb Technical College
495 North Indian Creek Drive
Clarkston, Georgia 30021
South GA Solar Power was awarded a contract for the procurement of a Daikin Variable Refrigerant Volume System.

CreditCards rj
229-300-8920 to place your order.

CreditCards rj
229-232-8133 to place your order.


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